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The Goophered Grapevine (Chesnutt) Summary: A northerner looks at a prospective Southern plantation property to purchase. An old black man who lives on the abandoned property tells him a tale of conjured grapevines to deter him from purchasing the property because this purchase would ultimately interfere with his own benefit and profiting from the vineyard. -goophered= bewitched -Aunt Peggy is the witch/conjure woman who puts the goopher or curse on the grapevine -the goopher, which was believed to bring an untimely demise to any who ate from the vine, was placed on the vines to keep the slaves from eating the scuppernon grapes -Henry, a new slave to the plantation, ate from the vine and had to be taken directly to Aunt Peggy who ultimately could not fully remove the goopher. Henry was instructed to anoint his head with the sap from the vines once a year when the were pruned. It was believed that this would keep the goopher from having its full effect on him.
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Unformatted text preview: -every year in the spring, Henry would become young, and in the fall, like the grapevines, he would wither.-Master Dugal began to sell Henry for a high price when he was young and buy him back for a much lower price when he would wither.-A yankee comes to the vineyard and kills the vines by trimming them too close and digging too close to the root. He also puts lime and ashes on the vines. They eventually die and Master Dugal is forced out of business.-We later discover that this tale is half truth, half fiction. "Uncle Julius," the story-teller, does not want the narrator to purchase the property because he has a small cabin on the grounds and makes a living off of the neglected grape vines.-Extensive dialect is used and although "Uncle Julius" is a poor b lack Southerner, he expresses authority by reiterating that he witnessed first hand the effect of the goophered grapevine...
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