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Sweat by Zora Neal Hurston Triple consciousness: how you are perceived in the eyes of black males? o Black. o American. o Gender. World War I. Sykes- o Chauffeur. o Double conscious. o Has no power in the white world so he doubles up his black power (being forceful with his wife). Delia- o Has taken his value of her or devalue of. o Appearance (skinny, boney, and knotty). The snake is a metaphor for Delia. Sykes kept the snake in a box or dormant but once he stirred it up there was no holding the snake back. Greek chorus- narrates the story. o They are there to move the story along. o The men on the porch (knew how Delia used to be and how Sykes acted). o Not part of the action. 1024-1025: o Delia is consistent and hard working. She was once admirable and beautiful. 1027: o Sykes brags that he is larger in life; he makes himself standout, and assumes he knows everything about dealing with snakes and Delia.
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Unformatted text preview: o Delia fears snakes. She stares at the snake; she comes alive as she stares the snakes down. 1030: o Her behavior parallels the snakes behavior. o Sykes lets the snake loose in the first place. o Sykes has no matches when he enters the house because he left them at Berthas. 1024: o Foreshadowing. Delia anticipates Sykes is going to reap what he sows. Sykes bitten in the neck. 1030: o Irony- as Sykes was dying the last thing he saw was the washtubs that he tried so hard to get rid of. o Cold River- death. o Delia knew Sykes was dying and did nothing. The irony of the situation. Hubris is excessive pride which Sykes has. His own pride creates his downfall. Hurston was known for local folklore. When Sykes was staring at the tubs he does have remorse for all he did to Delia....
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1a1249500ccc4086b457e93c5cd8fcc6 - o Delia fears snakes....

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