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The Wife of His Youth (Chesnutt) Summary: Post-slavery, during the Reconstruction era, Northern, educated blacks form a group called the Blue Vein Society. Mr. Ryder organizes this society. He decides to throw a ball in honor of his decision to propose to one Molly Dixon, a woman of higher social standing and younger in age than he. He, in the process, runs across an old flame and is faced with a difficult decision that will put his honor to the test. -introduces later reconstruction issues after Northern migration -highlights complexion consciousness among free men and slaves -to join the Blue Vein Society, one must be of light enough complexion to show their blue veins -Mr. Ryder is the former Sam Taylor; a runaway slave -Liza Jane, is an older woman of a much darker complexion of Mr. Ryder. She is described as being small in height, less attractive, with short tufts of grey hair and black gums. -Liza Jane comes to Mr. Ryder, being told that he is a prominent figure in the
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