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Outline: Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning: Why was it so hard for US to win the war in Vietnam? A. Geography 1. Rain, humidity, jungle, vines, marsh, rice paddies 2. Animals: i. leeches, mosquitoes, snakes, cougars 3. Michelin Plantation i. : rubber plantation; clearer but worse bc could see everything 4. Tunnels: i. VC would make tunnels and cover with foliage; wells 5. No frontier: i. we never knew where they were- only knew once they attacked us- basically a guerrilla war: just trying to kill whoever they could B. Weapons 1. “tools for trade” i. We used: M-16s ,(machine gun: people would carry around M-14 even though it was heavier bc it was a better weapon), M-26 (hand grenade), M79 (grenade launcher) Duper, M60 “the pig”, a machine gun, 1. Advantage weapon: APCs (armored personal carrier) what people would ride on and would set the pig on top, claymore mines; helicopters- to drop
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Unformatted text preview: napalm or ammo supplies ii. What they used against us: Mines, bobby traps, AK-47, RPG (rocket propeller grenade)- they would throw at our tanks; had snipers up in the trees C. Services 1. First time military decided no one stays longer than a year i. 1 tour was 365 days\ 1. Impaired unit morale bc no one could get close 2. Officers only commanded for 6m 3. Only used drafts D. Care 1. “the mobile hospital at tay ninh was a busy place. Most helicopters however delivered their wounded to the 12 th evac hospital at cu chi.” 2. Triage said who could get treated and who could not. : ABC categories E. Language Barrier 1. Only thing they knew how to say was “get the hell out of here” 2. Didn’t know who to trust- couldn’t understand...
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9e2046d0bddd61c6237186f1a206a211 - napalm or ammo supplies...

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