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FINAL REVIEW FORMAT OF THE FINAL EXAM (worth 60 points) Answer all 12 multiple choice questions Answer 8 (out of 10) essay questions PGS. 270 – 272.8 Birth Control has a Long History 1. Historically a. “birth control” accomplished through ____________________________________________ b. Intended function of sex: _______________________ c. Most condoms were made from __________________ d. 1960s – oral contraceptives ___________________________________________ 2. ______________led the campaign to legalize contraception a. “Comstock Laws” b. ____________________ (Read Box on 19.1) i. _______________________________________ 3. _______________ has not yet solved the problem of ________________ a. Half unwanted pregnancies in the US result from ______________________________, but the other half results from ______________________________ PGS. 305.2-308 Americans Are Divided on Abortion, but Most Favor Restricted Availability 1) In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Roe vs Wade that states_____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ________ 2) The abortion debate is often portrayed as being divided between two opposing camps, however people often find their beliefs fall in-between the two extremes. a) “pro-life” b) “pro-choice” c) Americans generally agree that a woman should have access to an abortion under___________________ 1
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3) The Abortion Debate Focused on Specific Issues a) Because the majority of Americans tend to be more moderate in their views towards abortion much of the “pro-choice” vs. “pro-life” debate revolves around___________________. i) Should there be conditions such as a mandatory_________________________? ii) Should there be a ban on_______________________? iii) More examples (see pgs. 306-307) 4) The Availability of Abortion Varies by Location a) While women that live in _____________ _______________may have easy access to abortion providers, those in ___________________ areas, or in the ________________are less likely to have access. i) _______________________ lives in counties without any abortion provider. ii) Most people “pro-choice” and “pro-life” agree that ___________________________________________________________________ _______________________ CHAPTER 17 – Sex as a Commodity Can Money buy you Love? 1. Prostitution – ____________________________________ 2. Historically prostitution viewed as a ___________________ a. b. Only way in which ____________________________________________ c. Development of __________________________ 3. Prostitution is on the decline a. High proportion of _______________________ prostitutes in some cities b. ____________everywhere in U.S., except _______________________________________ There is a Hierarchy of Prostitution 1. Street prostitution or “street walking” a. Most ____________ and ________ part of the industry b. _________ rank and charge ___________ prices
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