Analysis of Negotiation

Analysis of Negotiation - ANALYSIS OF NEGOTIATON IN THE...

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ANALYSIS OF NEGOTIATON IN THE NEWS Features of the Negotiation Environment: Basically there are two sides involved in the Negotiation. One side is b aseball player Derek Jeter” and other side baseball team “Yankees”. Casey Close will be involved in the negotiation as agent of Derek Jeter. On the other side of the table Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman and Yankees President Randy Levine will be involved in the negotiation. Eventually, at the end of the negotiation, final decision makers will be Derek Jeter and Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner. We can say that they are also involved in the negotiation but not directly. They are directing and manipulating the negotiation process. While Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner involves negotiation process by statements to press, Derek Jeter never talked to any press. Derek Jeter seems monolithic since there is only one voice from Jeter's side, his agent Casey Close. But Yankees don't is not monolithic as Jeter. Yankees General Manager, President and Owner have a voice in the negotiation process. Being not monolithic doesn't mean that they have opposing arguments. Each one from Yankees part is speaking purposively to manage negotiation process better for Yankees. There will not be a third party intervention as a mediation or arbitration in the negotiation. Jeter's agent Casey Close, wanted an arbitration in the negotiation but Yankees refused that. If the Yankees had offered arbitration, Jeter could have accepted a one-year salary set by an arbitrator. Both sides are using media for commitments directly or indirectly. Sometimes parties are making statements directly to media sometimes they give information about negotiation process indirectly by rumors or unknown sources. There is not big time pressure for each side of the negotiation. Until now there is no other baseball team expressing their interest in Jeter, no team threating to involve in negotiation between them. Jeter has been playing for Yankees since 1995 and he is captain since 2003. There is a long history between them. And it seems that there will be future relationship between Yankees and Jeter, as a captain of the team or player of a rival baseball team. If they make an agreement in the end of the negotiation, it will be binding legal contract. This contract will be explained in details. There can't be any hidden subjects. Issues Under Negotiation: There are 2 factors to be resolved in the negotiation; contract salary and period . Other potential negotiation issues will not be discussed at this negotiation. While agent wants to talk about Jeter's contribution to Yankees franchise and negotiate it to have a share from his contribution. But Yankees doesn't agree to negotiate this. They say it is not an issue to negotiate. PARTIES'
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Analysis of Negotiation - ANALYSIS OF NEGOTIATON IN THE...

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