lecture 7 - o Buffer against famine o Given for political...

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Food Aid 1995 – World Food Programs -> 15 million tons of food aid-> food distributed to areas with famines as well as other regions (not experiencing famines) - Does aid help? o Yes, famines have been averted ( or the effects moderated) through provision of emergency food aid o No, free/cheap food undercuts prices in local market, i.e., local farmers unable to compete, so they stop producing and eventually enter the ranks of t he poor - Food Aid
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Unformatted text preview: o Buffer against famine o Given for political reasons o As part of solution to chronic hunger and malnutrition among poor, simple food aid is counterproductive Lifeboat Ethics-Garret Hardin, biologist o A number of lifeboats in the sea after a ship has sunk o Some lifeboats – crowded; some have spaces for more people o People in crowded boats falling overboard o Should people in the uncrowded boats take on more people?...
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