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63d362150d1404b52aab9d4f469a2f1e - France-tennis...

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France -tennis court -neoclassicism -Moliere -Tartuffe Enlightenment- period of scientific -reason -logic -philosophy Middle Class Romanticism-response to enlightenment -idealistic -Romance -Experience -emotion -supernatural -Gothic -Nationalism -Victor Hugo -Hernani Melodrama -Cheap Romanticism -Formula -Majority values -character types Realism -response to science -freud -Marx -Darwin -photography phsycology -dialogue -scenery Anton Chekhov -The Seagull Oscar Wilde- Importance of Being Earnest Naturalism Slice of Life (extreme form of realism
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Repertory Administrative Team -finances -payroll-paying everyone -hiring-hiring right actors -publicity-making sure you hear about the show -publicity manager-arranging interviews with news papers… Creative Team -playwright -director -actors -choreographers -designers -dramaturg Construction Team -execute design -techncal director -crews(+head) ever crew has a crewhead -scenery -sound -lights -make up -costume -Production team -stage manaer-next to director SM is in charge
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63d362150d1404b52aab9d4f469a2f1e - France-tennis...

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