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F2010_ECE132_Quiz4_Fri - ECE 132 Quiz 4 Name Two otherwise...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 132 Quiz 4 Name __________________________ October 29, 2010 Two otherwise identical samples of n‐type semiconductors are doped so that n01=2∙1015cm‐3 and n02=8∙1015cm‐3 (n02>n01). They have the same hole and electron diffusivity and αR. The left side (x<0) of each sample is illuminated so that it reaches a uniform steady state excess hole concentration δp(x=0), and these excess carriers diffuse to the right into the non‐illuminated region. The excess hole concentration is plotted normalized to δp(x=0). 1 δp(x)/δp(0) 0.5 X: 2 Y: 0.3679 (A) 0 -10 -5 0 5 Position (µm) 10 15 1 δp(x)/ δp(0) 0.5 X: 4 Y: 0.3679 (B) 10 15 0 -10 -5 Comparing the two plots, does the excess charge profile in plot (A) correspond to n01=2∙1015cm‐3 or n02=8∙1015cm‐3? Explain why this is. 0 5 Position (µm) ...
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