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Unformatted text preview: ECE 132 Quiz October 8, 2010 Name ______________________ 1) Two semiconductors of identical dimensions but different materials and/or material properties have a voltage sweep applied to them. The resulting current is plotted versus voltage in the plot below. a) Is the conductivity different in the two samples? If so, which has the larger conductivity? b) The current is a function of electron velocity. Name the parameter which describes how fast an electron moves in a semiconductor when an electric field is applied. Hint: velectron/(hole) =___ * E. c) Is the parameter described in part (b) different in the two samples? If so, in which sample is it larger? d) The mean scattering time τ and effective mass m* both affect the parameter in part (b). How might these differ in sample A and sample B? Sample A Isample I A I A VS IB Sample B VS IB Vs ...
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