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Unformatted text preview: ECE 132 Quiz 3 October 20, 2010 Name __________________________ A Silicon bar of width (w): 0.1µm, length (L): 5mm, and thickness (t): 10µm is doped with Phosphorus atoms and Boron atoms. In a Hall measurement setup, a magnetic field of is applied in the positive z direction. There is a current of 1mA and a voltage of 100mV along the length of the bar in the positive x direction. Assume the contacts are exactly across from one another. If you assume complete ionization, find the following: 1) The carrier concentration for electrons and holes. 2) The sign and magnitude of the measured Hall voltage along the y axis. EQUATIONS AND MORE QUESTIONS ON THE BACK 3) The resistivity of the silicon bar. 4) The mobility of the majority carriers (electrons or holes). ; Charge Neutrality ; Carrier Concentration n type ; ; p type ; ; ...
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