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Unformatted text preview: ECE 132 Quiz 2 October 13, 2010 Name __________________________ 1) Doping silicon (Si), a group IV element, with phosphorus (P), group V element, causes an extra energy level to become available in the band gap. For P in Si, calculate this new energy level’s distance away from the valence/conduction band. (Hint: There are two values that need to be changed from the Hydrogen energy levels) 2) What will this energy level be for phosphorus in germanium (Ge)? Additional Questions and constants/formulas on the back 3) Which combination (P in Si or P in Ge) would be best in terms of electrical performance and why? 4) Plot and label the new energy levels for both cases in the band diagrams below: Si Ec Ge Ec Ev Ev ; ; for Hydrogen ; ; For Germanium: For Silicon: ; ; ...
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