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ECE 132 Quiz 1 Name __________________________ October 6, 2010 For carbon in a periodic structure, special effects occur to the energy levels. One of these is hybridization, where the valence band is shifted to a sp 3 bonding state. Given the electron configuration of C 6 in the atom/crystal and the diagram of a carbon periodic structure in a Coulombic potential:
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Unformatted text preview: C 6 in the atom: (1s) 2 (2s) 2 (2p) 2 C 6 in the crystal: (1s) 2 +4sp 3 1) Draw the energy levels of atoms in the crystal. 2) The broadening of the energy levels should reflect what? 3) Draw and label the valence band in the diagram. 4) Are there levels above the valence band? 5) If so, draw them schematically. ±²³ ´ µ¶ · ² ¸ E C C C x...
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