GAME THEORYSTRAT - Homework 1 U1.) a. This is a game...

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Homework 1 U1.) a. This is a game strategy. The party nominee knows that other candidates are faced with the same decision of funding, i.e. private verse public. Private funding can lead to a greater amount of money that she can spend on her campaign, whereas public funding is more likely to be a fixed amount. Other candidates are faced with these same options, which means that if she chooses public funding her competitors can choose private, causing her opponents to have a stronger presence in the nation via the media, travel and corporate sponsorship. b.) This is a decision. Frugal Fred can make this decision for himself because it will only affect his own marginal utility curve. c.) This is a decision. It is Belle chose to interact with any of the men on the dating site. Once she has decided to interact then she has entered a game, but this is more of a pregame set up where Belle has complete control over entering or not. d.) This is a game strategy. NBC can negotiate with Amazon and iTunes to come up with a desirable fee by pitting each of these companies against each other for the price of using their site. NBC can then make a decision knowing how much it will cost them to upload the shows to their site and compare it to Amazon and iTunes, thus coming up with the best possible option for the company. This is a game because the players are aware of the cross-effects of action. e.) This is a game strategy. Tariffs are strategies of international games because they affect the economic stability of the countries export business. This will create a counter move in America on the behalf of China’s move. China is making this move to cause America do to something. U2.) a.) i) Garry and Ross are in a simultaneous game, selling products continually and simultaneously for the year in total. ii) It is a zero-sum gain, i.e. one will get the Cadillac and one will not meaning the players interest are in complete conflict. iii) The game is for the year so it is repeated just once. iv) It appears that since it is in a year span that neither can predict external
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GAME THEORYSTRAT - Homework 1 U1.) a. This is a game...

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