Radical revisions on abortion

Radical revisions on abortion - actual statistics of...

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Jesus Arzaga English 2322, 2B Mrs. Ugarte August 13, 2010 Abortion Radical Revisions My draft was like a race in the track. It was done quick and most importantly, it was done right What I like about my essay is how I actually used statistics I have seen myself in television and articles that I have read on my own. The heart of my essay, is basically the impact that the reader might feel when he see the
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Unformatted text preview: actual statistics of abortion done in a year The image of the teenagers find out they are pregnant and them jumping into abortion and the girls that have gotten pregnant by being sexually assaulted. I used evidence in my writing by mainly putting numbers of the statistics of abortion. And by this it gives my prompt more credibility therefore it does connect with my prompt....
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