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EECS 314 Fall 2006 Exam 2 Instructor: Alexander Ganago Problem 1 In the circuit with a sinusoidal voltage source shown on this diagram, consider the source resistance R S = 100 Ω and the load resistance R Load = 1 Ω . Your goal is to ensure the maximal power transfer to the load. Two transformers are available, with the numbers of turns shown on the diagrams below. Each one can be connected in two ways – as a step-up or a step-down transformer. The diagram above indicates the numbers of turns in the primary coil as n1 and in the secondary coil as n2. Which of the following options ensures the maximal
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Unformatted text preview: power transfer to the load? A. Use Transformer #1, with n1 = 100 turns B. Use Transformer #1, with n1 = 1,000 turns C. Use Transformer #2, with n1 = 100 turns D. Use Transformer #2, with n1 = 10,000 turns E. None of the above options ensures the maximal power transfer to the load. Solution by Alexander Ganago The maximal power transfer is achieved when the apparent load resistance equals the source resistance. Thus 100 " = 1 " ( ) # n 1 n 2 $ % & ’ ( ) 2 We obtain n 1 = 10 " n 2 , which matches option B. Answer: B...
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