Refection - decision and talked to me about my bad attitude...

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An Phung BCM 1420 For many years ago, human created and developed methods and languages to communicate to each others. The communicable skills have been improved much better day by day. Human not only use languages to communicate but also through conversations we can express our feelings, desires, messages which we want to send to audiences. In this reflection, I will present some of my own experiences about a communication that I have been through. The communication is between my mother and me. By chance, I received information is my mother is refused an order from a friend of my family. I felt uncomfortable about the rejection of my mother. I thought my mother did a wrong choice then I came to talk to her with an unhappy attitude. I asked her “Why did you do that?” I used a question for the communication, however, what I really wanted to convey in the communication was just a disagreement about my mother’s decision. With the bad attitude, I received a silence from my mother. She didn’t answer or say anything. After all, she explained the reason why she got her
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Unformatted text preview: decision and talked to me about my bad attitude which causes I received her silence. Finally, I understood that I did fail in the communication with my mother. From the beginning, I made a very wrong mistake for a talk. I brought to the communication a bad attitude and talked to my mother like yelling at her with a question which didn’t an introduction or a start of the story. I believe that a biggest mistake noise I made for the conversation. If I had understood and researched the story more carefully and started a communication in a thoughtful and original way, I could have had a success communication. For a conclusion, each individual who exists in the society, learning and developing communicable skills are very important for life. To achieve a success communication, there are many factors such as messages and receptions, and environment generated during the conversation which senders and audiences gave....
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Refection - decision and talked to me about my bad attitude...

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