Discussion 6 Human Capital

Discussion 6 Human Capital - “research paper” link and...

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ECON 4616 Prof. Francisca Antman Discussion 6—Human Capital A. The New York Times —“Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?” 1. Would you interpret the data presented here to indicate that one college has a larger causal effect on student’s earnings than another? Why or why not? 2. How do economics majors fare in terms of starting salary and mid-career earnings? Please report the rankings and the actual salary estimates. How do you think these figures might change if we considered all economics undergraduate majors, rather than only those who stopped at the Bachelor’s degree? 3. Check out the “Full rankings are here” link (below the first graph) and report on the median starting salary and mid-career salary for graduates from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
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B. The New York Times— “Law School as an Investment” Click on the “more details here” link and review the Tax Prof Blog summary of the article. If you need more background, feel free to consult the full research article at SSRN (from the NYT article click on
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Unformatted text preview: “research paper” link and download from SSRN). 1. According to Herwig Schlunk, the author of the research paper highlighted, starting salaries for lawyers in 2008 were about $72,000 (although 42% of salaries fell between $40,000 and $65,000). Comparing this figure with the last table in the TaxProfBlog summary, under what scenario(s) is law school a good investment? Are you surprised by these results? Why or why not? 2. From the CULearn Discussion 6 folder, click on the Salary Distribution for Lawyers. What characteristics of the 2009 distribution stand out? If we use the 2009 adjusted mean starting salary for lawyers and compare them with the summary analysis in the TaxProfBlog, under what scenario(s) is law school a good investment? 3. Schlunk makes many assumptions about costs, benefits, and the discount rate in order to arrive at his estimates in the tables. Are there any that you take issue with?...
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Discussion 6 Human Capital - “research paper” link and...

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