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newst notes with everything[1] - US History Exam 2 notes...

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US History Exam 2 notes Fighting Over the WEST Expansion- Westward – Texan independence, manifest destiny, the Mexican American war, the California gold rush, consequences: Compromise of 1850, Kansas- Nebraska Act (Bleeding Kansas) Mexico at independence- 1821 from spain (Missouri compromise instated same year) 1825 Mexico allowed Americans to settle in Texan if they became Mexican citizens and convert to Catholicism. (Moses and Steve Austin) American settlers didn’t follow Mexican laws and called for independence General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana (Mexican leader) The Alamo, 1835 –first battle of Texan Independence- started as church mission became a fort Battle of san Jacinto 1836- defeat Mexican forces captured Santa ana-independence (san Houston) 1837- asked to be admitted to the united states (originally denied admittance 1845 admitted Manifest destiny- 1. Term coined in 1845 by john o’sullivan 2. The united states is meant to spread from ocean to ocean 3. Sense of American culture and racial superiority underlay this concept 4. Bring protestant and republicanism to the inferior people Mexican –American war 1846-1848 Rio Grande- Texas border (texas says) Nueces rivera- 150 miles, México border (mexico says) Mexico cut off ties w/ US (james polk current president) Border in dispute Both sides send in troops to protect their land An excuse to get California US won Treaty of guadalupe hidalgo 1868 US gained 1/3 of Mexico’s territory including California, texas and most of the southwest The California gold rush- 49ers Gold discovered at john sutters mill 1848 Set off a gold rush to CA Immigrants from the eastern US , mexico, China, South America, Australia, Europe Pacific islands came to CA Pushed CA quickly towards state hood in 1850
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Most place gold extracted by 1852 Easy to get gold (surface gold) Consequences of expansion Compromise of 1850 Admitted CA as a free state Abolished the slave trade in Washington DC Strengthened the fugitive slave act Created the Utah and new Mexico territories Decision over slavery in these territories left up to popular sovereignty Still didn’t solve the underlying issue of tensions over slavery Kansas- Nebraska Act1854 Transcontinental railroad Repealed the Missouri compromise Allowed pop. Soveirgty in these territories Divided the territory into Kansas and Nebraska Act led to the creation of the republican party, disintegrated the Whig party Broke out into fighting as anti slavery And pro slavery factions tried to influence local elections (bleeding Kansas_ Burned Lawrence Kansas down (abolitionist town) Preston Brooks attacked Charles Sumner in 1856 (pro v. con slaverry MOVIE ON CIVIL WAR 1861- -Slaves could be expected to be sold at least twice in their life
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newst notes with everything[1] - US History Exam 2 notes...

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