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Bus 272 and Bus 272E: Behavior in Organizations Final Exam Study Tips Exam details: Friday, December 11, 2009 Time: 7-10PM Location: Purpose To test your conceptual understanding of the material covered in the entire class, with a greater emphasis on the material covered in the 2 nd half of class. The exam will assess your ability: 1) to identify and describe basic OB concepts and 2) to apply concepts to hypothetical scenarios. General Information 1) 90% of exam is from material in 2 nd half of class a. Chapters 6-14 (some chapters focused on specific sections only. Please refer to the syllabus for the exact pages covered.) 2) Approximately 10% of exam is from material in 1 st half of class. Key areas from the 1 st half of class you are responsible for include: a. Personality traits and individual differences (chapter 2: pages 49-57) b. Motivation (Chapter 4: Maslow’s hierarchy, Expectancy Theory, and Goal-setting theory; Chapter 5: pages 188-193)
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