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Helen Cheng Fall 2009 – D101/102/104/106 Page 1 of 3 BUS 272 Optional Midterm Study Questions Suggested approach : s Read all the questions below and put a star/mark next to the ones that you think are most difficult. Circle any terms that are unfamiliar to you. s Do the difficult questions first without the textbook to see how much you know. s Check your answers in the textbook. s Complete remaining questions and check answers. s If you still don’t understand the concept(s), email me by 12PM on Sunday, October 22 for clarification! 1. What are the two major personality tests used by organizations? 2. What does empowerment mean? 3. What are the four ways employees can express dissatisfaction in the workplace? Examples? 4. Explain organizational commitment. Examples? Results? 5. What is a personality trait? 6. What is emotional intelligence and why is it important? 7. How does a positive self-evaluation affect employee performance? 8. What are the four disciplines that are incorporated into organization behavior? 9.
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MidtermStudyQuest - BUS 272 Optional Midterm Study...

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