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Review Notes 272 - Chapter 7 The four conditions that...

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Chapter 7 The four conditions that affect encoded messages are: skills, attitudes, knowledge, and social-cultural system Most business school tams use a communication network in which there are no restrictions and all members are equal. This type of network is: all-channel. As depicted in the communication process model, the source initiates communication by: choosing a message. Getting to know clients and putting yourself in their shoes>> empathy. Email has increased the number of hours worked. The three common formal small group networks are: the chain, the wheel, and all- channel. The transfer and understanding of meaning is called: communication. Chapter 8 Bases of power refer to what the power holder has that gives him/her power. When a union goes on strike and management is not permitted to replace the striking employees, this is an example of: non-substitutability. Political behaviors are activities that are outside one’s specified job requirements. A person can have power over you only if he/she controls something you desire. Opposite of Coercive power: Rewards power. Research shows that the most effective impression management technique to use in a job interview is: self-promotion. Studies have shown that rational persuasion is the only influence tactic that is effective across organizational levels. The most suitable influence tactic to reinforce the power base of coercion is: pressure.
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Most studies confirm that the concept of power is central to understanding sexual
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Review Notes 272 - Chapter 7 The four conditions that...

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