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1091001week6notes © 1 Dr Mc’s Philosophy 001 (1091) Lecture Notes, Week 6 © Tips for next Thursday: 1. Come early, if possible. 2. Put your things away so that I have no reason to think you might be cheating. 3. Leave out only a pen or pencil. 4. Do not sit with your friends. 5. Do not look at others’ midterms and shield your own from others. 6. Do not start until I say. 7. Do not continue to write after I say to stop. 8. Put your answers where they belong. 9. Read the questions carefully. 10. Use your time wisely. 11. Raise your hand if you have a question. 12. Raise your hand when you are finished, and your midterm will be collected and you may leave except in the last ten minutes—just stay seated. 13. You’ll be allowed to leave when all midterms have been collected at the end. Questions? Reconstructing Arguments Is there an argument? “Next Thursday, Feb. 12, marks the 200 th birthday of Charles Darwin, probably the most influential scientist in intellectual history.” G&M, 2009/02/07 “It seems by refusing to assign meaningful marks to his physics students and ending up in handcuffs after returning to campus following his suspension, Denis Rancourt has forgotten Newton’s Third Law: For every dumb action, there is an equal and opposite dumb reaction.” C. Cameron, G&M, 09/02/07 “Your van was running poorly because the carburetor’s air intake filter was blocked by a piece of insulation. Since so little air was getting in, the carburetor could not produce the right air/fuel mixture.”My mechanic, last year Argument or explanation? Sometimes, it depends on context . Is the speaker trying to convince the listener that something is the case? Or is the speaker trying to explain something that s/he and the listener both already accept?
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1091001week6notes © 2 “Denis Rancourt is just another example of the faulty thinking on social matters that pervades our universities… Students must eventually live in the real world of judgments, success and competition. A professor’s job should include teaching students facts, creativity and reality. It is in teaching the latter that so many professors earn a failing grade.” J. Usher G&M 09/02/07 There does seem to be an argument here, though reconstructing it is not easy. Relevant bits? Irrelevant bits? One possible reconstruction: 1. All professors who do not teach their students reality are bad professors. 2.
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phil001notesWeek6 - Dr Mcs Philosophy 001(1091 Lecture...

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