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chinapapernotes - • Religious foundation o Confucianism...

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For Chinese citizens, economic freedom plus political repression has long been part of the status quo. However, the idea of moving toward a "socialist democracy" is one that has emerged in the last few decades and has certainly begun to gain some momentum. Analyze the developments that have led to this current state of China as politically restrained yet economically free, as well as China's present/future ability (or lack thereof) to successfully transition into "socialist democracy."
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Unformatted text preview: • Religious foundation o Confucianism setting a standard of acceptance/indifference • Events contributing to the current state of China o 1839-1842 Opium War • Where it all began • British ruled them politically for a period o Now China wanted to do the same o 1920s All about Soviet influence • Mao Model v. Soviet Model o Hundred Flowers Policy o Great Leap Forward o Cultural Revolution o Social Democracy Press and Mass Media Liu Xiaobo...
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