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Aaron Kwan Annotated Bibliography Bell, Catherine. Ritual Theory, Ritual Practice . Oxford University Press, USA, 1992. 67-220. Print. Using her coined term, “ritualization,” Bell attempts to analyze the factors that distinguish particular actions as being different than others. Drawing upon Bell’s analysis, I plan to use her definitions of human actions in my attempt to find the particular aspect(s) of a given action or ritual that, when present, allow that ritual to be considered “religious.” Bromley, David G. "On Spiritual Edgework: The Logic of Extreme Ritual Performances." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion . 46.3 (2007): 287-303. Print. This source dives into the study of “spiritual edgework,” defined as extreme rituals such as snake handling and fire walking, and tries to understand how these rituals come to be in existence. I plan to use Bromley’s idea of what he refers to as “successfully navigating the edge” to evaluate the ritual processes related to these extreme actions and their effects on social construction. Durkheim, Émile. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life . Oxford University Press, USA, 1995. 42-75. Print. In addition to his definition of sacred objects and other religious components, Durkheim presents the idea of society as being able to often symbolically represent a kind of god. I plan to use this in arguing my case for the pursuit of bodily perfection becoming it’s own religion, for if society
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annotatedbiblio - Aaron Kwan Annotated Bibliography Bell...

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