exam 6 - ANS 313 Exam 6. 2009. Work alone. Every other...

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ANS 313 Exam 6. 2009. Work alone. Every other seat. Hats off or backwards. No cell phones or wireless gadgets. 100 points. 2 pts per question. Complete scantron. Be sure your name and PID are correct or you will lose points. 1. T F To increase intake in cattle, feed them a diet with lots of effective fiber. A little extra never hurts. 2. T F A pig will eat more when the effective ambient temperature is below its thermoneutral zone. 3. T F The fact that a dog can maintain blood glucose at about 100 mg/dl regardless of whether it has just consumed a high starch meal or been fasted for a day is a good example of the phenomenon known as homeostasis. 4. T F Feeding bovine somatotropin to dairy cows increases milk production about 10-15% because it stimulates somatostatin, which in turn stimulates feed intake and therefore milk synthesis. Multiple choice. Choose one best answer per question. 5. The phenomenon of sending copious amounts of nutrients to the mammary glands even when nutrient intake is not adequate to meet the combined demands for maintenance plus lactation in a cat with 5 nursing kittens. a. homeostasis b. poikilothermy c. heterosis d. homeorhesis e. galactopoiesis 6. Your horse had a foal 3 months ago. It was healthy and growing well, so you weaned it last week. It has not eaten that well in the last week, but that is to be expected with the postweaning “slump” in growth. If you had taken blood samples, you would find that compared to last week (before weaning), it now has: a. high insulin and high glucocorticoids b. high leptin and high cholecystokinin c. high somatotropin and low IGF-I d. low somatotropin and high epinephrine 7. For a young growing female elephant, nutrients would be partitioned in which order (with most important first): a. maintenance muscle deposition adipose deposition b. maintenance mammary gland adipose deposition c. muscle deposition maintenance adipose deposition d. mammary gland maintenance adipose deposition 8. Which is true regarding leptin: a. it is a protein hormone. b. low concentrations enhance food intake. c. it acts as a “fuel gauge.” d. it is produced by adipose tissue. e. all of these are true 9. If you force feed a duck grain so it eats more than it wants to eat, much of the extra glucose will be partitioned to: a. fat accretion in the liver and adipose tissue b. muscle to support the characteristic fidgeting motion c. brain to enhance mental resistance d. thyroid hormone production to increase metabolic rate 10. The organization in the U.S. that carefully regulates the use of feed additives in animal agriculture. a. Federal Bureau of Agriculture b. Food and Drug Administration c. Farm Drug Agency d. Supreme Court 11. Before a feed additive is approved for commercial use, a company must prove two things. One is safety (it is generally recognized as safe). What is the other? a. cost-effectiveness
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exam 6 - ANS 313 Exam 6. 2009. Work alone. Every other...

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