exam 3 with key - ANS 313 Exam 3, October 25, 2010 (100...

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ANS 313 Exam 3, October 25, 2010 (100 points; 2 points/question) Complete scantron for all answers. No phones, iGizmos, or other gadgets. Only cheap calculators. Sit every other seat. Hats backwards or off. No talking. No notes or books. Please keep quiet. True/False 1. T F Although methionine is often considered the most limiting AA for broilers, sometimes threonine is the most limiting AA. It all depends on the available feedstuffs. 2. T F Although tryptophan is not considered an essential amino acid, lots of tryptophan in a diet means that less proline is needed for its synthesis, so that the proline requirement is reduced. 3. T F Despite the common misperceptions in the media, our best data suggests that the sequence of amino acids in most proteins actually can be altered by feeding different concentrations of the essential amino acids. 4. T F Most animals thrive when fed a diet that is deficient in valine because they simply substitute another one of the large neutral aliphatic amino acids in its place when synthesizing proteins. 5. T F Soybeans are heated in the process of extracting the oil. If they were not heated, the trypsin inhibitor found in soybeans would interfere with an animal’s ability to digest protein. 6. T F Colonel Sanders feeds a group of young broiler chickens a diet based on ground corn. The best protein supplement he could use to meet their protein needs is hydrolyzed feather meal. 7. T F Taurine is an amino acid that is especially important for cats because it is a major part of the proteins in the retina. 8. T F The N recycling that occurs in a ruminant is especially useful to a beef cow fed a low protein diet because the urea that comes back to the rumen helps supply the bacteria with a source of ammonia. 9. T F Protein quality is more important for a horse than for a goat because microbial protein, which has a great AA profile, makes up about half of the protein absorbed in the small intestine of a goat. 10. T F If starch intake of a cow is increased, microbial protein yield will likely increase unless rumen pH drops considerably from the increase in fermentation acids Matching 11-14 (use each answer only once, one answer will not be used) Choices: a. tyrosine b. tryptophan c. glutamine d. leucine e. none of these 11. One of the four AA that serves as a major fuel source for gut tissues 12. Part of the urea cycle; generally considered essential, but adult mammals can make their own 13. Corn has lots of this branched-chain AA, and its metabolites are involved in regulating protein synthesis. 14. Large neutral AA, precursor for making the thyroid hormones. Multiple Choice (only one best answer per question) 15. Basic AA, generally considered essential, first-limiting AA of cereal grains. a. ala
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exam 3 with key - ANS 313 Exam 3, October 25, 2010 (100...

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