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1. to maximize feed efficiency and profits in a growing pig, usually you want the animal to eat enough to meet its: metabolic setpoint if metabolic setpoint is the major satiety, then pigs will eat to meet its genetic potential for growth if gut stretch is the major controller the pigs will grow slower 2. compared to the birds fed the rapid gains diets (higher protein, starch and fat), the birds fed the cheap diets (low energy low protein), likely had: lower Leptin concentrations in blood less total body fat and less energy intake means less leptin 3. This body part is the major determinant of how much an animal will eat. Brain brain is the site of the hypothalamus, which is the appetite controller 4. which feedback signal systems is likely the major controller of voluntary feed intake in a lactating dog eating a high fiber (light) dog food? Thermostatic 5. which one of the following components of blood does not have a major physiology impact on appetite and intake of a meal in a pig:
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