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1. the “fuel gauge” hormone for animals is leptin. True= leptin is produced by adipose tissue and is used as a fuel gauge 2. the fact that a dog can usually maintain blood glucose at about 100mg/dl regardless of whether it has just consumer a high starch meal or has been fasted for a days is a good example of the phenomenon known as homeorhesis False= homeostasis-- homeorhesis is the dividsion of nutrients for physiological states (milk, baby) 3. what hormones would be present in high blood serum concentrations in sheep that were being chased by the neighbor's dog compared to a non-stressed sheep? Catecholamines or Glucocorticoids and adrenalin= increased by stress 4. what is the hormone is produced in the pancreas in response in response to low blood glucose/or high protein intake?
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Unformatted text preview: Glucagon 5. what hormone is produced in the pancreas in response to high blood glucose? Insulin 6. the hormones produced by this gland act as the metabolic pacesetter and are important for thermal regulation thyroid glands 7. synthesis of this hormone is stimulated by growth hormones. It promotes widening of the bone growth plate and thus elongation of bones in young animals. Insulin- like growth factor 1 8. average concentrations of insulin in blood over a day will be greater for. .. standard diet= higher starch, more insulin 9. average concentrations of growth hormone in blood over a day will be greater for. . low starch diet= glucose sparing 10. growth rate of pigs will be greater with. .. standard diet= more energy, meets all of the nutritional requirements...
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