quiz 6 3 - 1 In general the sooner food is digested the...

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1. In general, the sooner food is digested, the sooner the gut is empty, and the sooner an animal can eat again. True - sooner the food is digested and absorbed gut empty can eat again 2. To increase intake by a group of cows, limit feed buck space so they complete with each other and eat rapidly. False - causes some cows to get fat and other to get thin 3. Exercise usually decreases daily feed intake in horses because they are simply to tired to eat. False - increase intake by increasing metabolic hunger 4. Anabolic steroids are often fed to growing steers to alter metabolism of nutrients in the rumen. False - Monensin affects rumen metabolism 5. According to the levels of discomfort concept, both physical fill limitations and metabolic hunger factors may affect voluntary feed intake at the same time. True - minimum discomfort is king 6. One disadvantage of protein hormones, such as growth hormone, as metabolic modifiers is that they are susceptible to degradation by proteolytic enzymes in the digestive tract, thus destroying the biological potency. True - need to be injected to be effective 7. copper sulfate is often added at high levels to the diets of young pigs because pigs require lots of copper. False - pigs need iron, not copper 8. An example of homeorhesis is the phenomenon of sending a copious amount of nutrients to the mammary glands even when nutrient intake is not adequate to meet the combined demands for maintenance plus lactation in a cat with 5 kittens? True:
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quiz 6 3 - 1 In general the sooner food is digested the...

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