TimeLine - Michael Schoenhals is Associate Professor with a...

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Unformatted text preview: Michael Schoenhals is Associate Professor with a focus on modern Chinese society in the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. He is editor of Chinas Cultural Revolution 1966 1969: Not a Dinner Party , a documentary history dealing with the Cultural Revolutions massive assault on Chinas political and social systems. Together with Roderick MacFarquhar, he has written the definitive history of the Cultural Revolution, entitled Maos Last Revolution , which was published in August 2006. Vivian Wagner is Assistant Professor for Chinese Society and Culture at the Universitt St. Gallen in Switzerland. She is author of Erinnerungsverwaltung in China. Staatsarchive und Politik in der Volksrepublik (The Management of Memory in China: State Archives and Politics in the Peoples Republic) , which was published in April 2006. Maurizio Marinelli is Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies at the University of Bristol and spees in contemporary Chinas intellectual history. His research investigates how Chinas relations with the rest of the world have influenced historical narratives and shaped visual representations within their respective intellectual discourses. His most recent work, the book La Lotta contro la Corruzione in Cina: Tra Mosche e Zanzare, Tigri e Squali (The Struggle against Corruption in China: Between Flies and Mosquitoes, Tigers and Sharks) , was published in Italy in November 2006. He is currently working on two new projects: 1. Political language from Mao Zedong to Hu Jintao, 2. The socio-spatial transformation of Beijing and Tianjin. Daniel Leese is Assistant Professor in Chinese Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitt in Munich and, at the same time, working towards his Ph.D. degree at the International University Bremen. His dissertation is en titled Mao cult - rhetoric and ritual during China`s Cultural Revolution 1966-69 . He is co-editor of Ritual Power Nature: European-Pacific Relations in Modernity (Bremen: berseemuseum, 2005)....
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TimeLine - Michael Schoenhals is Associate Professor with a...

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