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WMST494 – Outline Debate: Whether or not it is safe for LGBT people to come out in the Greek community. - Discuss discussion within Women 2 Women and the girl who had an issue, describe setting of women 2 women meeting, this was the girl’s low - The debate was about whether she should or shouldn’t say something because it can either be positive because their friends or it could negatively impact her in an unsafe manner. - Debate between whether or not the President should have told her to not come out - Also debated whether or not she should be in the organization. - Debate within herself - Everyone went around and we all gave her our opinion. - Find article on percentage of homosexuals in Greek communities.
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Unformatted text preview: Debate: Whether or not it is safe for LGBT people to come out to their families.-One of the women in the group discussed how she was nervous to tell her brother that she was a lesbian because she didn’t know how he was going to react.-The positives and negatives to coming out to your family, either they can be happy and not blame themselves or they can kick you out of the house and disown you as a child. -Debate within themselves Tie: Both debates deal with similar situations-Percentage of suicidal rates that deal with homosexuals-Safety when coming out-Abuse-Emotional aspect-How to tell other, what to do, safe ways of coming out....
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