Chapter #1 Assignment 97%

Chapter #1 Assignment 97% - Chapter#1Assignment...

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CIS 102 Fundamentals of Customer Service Chapter #1 Assignment Stephen Coates Jr  Tuesday, July 27, 2010 , (Due Monday,2 August 2010) I. Review Questions (1-10) 1) Why is there a tremendous need for technical support?  Technical support is going to be needed as long as technology continues to improve so fast that the average consumer cannot keep up with it. 2) What is a Help Desk?  A Help desk is a centralized location for technical support for a company or industry. 3) What influences customers’ level of satisfaction and how they perceive a  company and its products?  Customers respond to how much downtime they have with the product, wither it be repair /diagnose or frequency of the need for repairs. 4) How is technical support different than customer support?  Customer service is more oriented towards getting the soft skills of dealing with the customer as where technical support is more oriented towards getting the customers problem solved once customer service as identified what the problem. 5) What are the goals of a multi-level support model? A Common structure where the help desk refers problems it cannot resolve to the appropriate internal group, external vendor, or subject matter expert. 6) How is a support center different than a help desk?  Support centers are help desks with much broader scope of responsibility and with the goals.
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7) What are the components of a successful help desk?  People or front line support, Processes, technology, Incident-tracking and problem-Management
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Chapter #1 Assignment 97% - Chapter#1Assignment...

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