Chapter #3 Assignment 97%

Chapter #3 Assignment 97% - Cis102 Fundamentals of customer...

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Unformatted text preview: Cis102 Fundamentals of customer service Chapter#3 Assignments Stephen Coates Jr Tuesday, August 03, 2010 Review Questions (6-15) 6. What technologies are some companies using in lieu of a fax machine to make forms available? Electronic forms, pre-printed paper forms, and incident tracking /problem manament 7. Do you need to log customer requests that are received via voice mail and fax? Yes should be logged in the incident tracking programs 8. List four of the capabilities that ACDs provide …. Answers calls, routes /distributes to the next available analyst. and /or places call in a queue while playing an automated message 9. How is skills-based routing different from normal ACD routing? Instead of just giving the call to the first available it routes the call to the first “best qualified” available. 10. A VRU integrates with another technology to do what? Provide one example. Can use a database to better assist the caller and then from there route things based off a series of choices and decisions. 11. How does a VRU obtain information? VRU obtain information by collecting inputs from the caller to better qualify them for help needed. Similar to a receptionist asking who you need to talk to 12. What is a screen pop? Information about the caller appears, or pops up on the analysts monitor based on caller information. 13. Describe three of the benefits that help desk analysts receive when telephone 13....
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Chapter #3 Assignment 97% - Cis102 Fundamentals of customer...

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