Chapter #4 Assignment 97%

Chapter #4 Assignment 97% - Cis 102 Fundamentals of...

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Cis 102 Fundamentals of Customer Service Chapter#4 Assignments Stephen Coates Jr Wednesday, August 04, 2010 Review Questions (21-30) 20. Describe the relationship that exists between an expert system and a knowledge management system. Knowledge management systems use multiple expert systems to come up with different or ideal solutions for somebody in a more advance version of an FAQ. 21. List three ways that knowledge management systems benefit help desk analysts. 1) it allows for different and possibly easier solutions for a customer/client. 2) if the analyst didn’t have an answer to start with they do now 3) the analyst may find a easier or faster solution that can be uploaded to help other analysts with a similar problem. 22. What is the role of the knowledge engineer? Develops and oversees the knowledge management process and ensures the information contained in the help desk’s knowledge base is accurate, complete and current. 23. What factors influence the amount of documentation that help desk analysts write? How easy it is to implant, how accurate it is all the time, and how easy it is to explain
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Chapter #4 Assignment 97% - Cis 102 Fundamentals of...

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