Quiz#1 - Stephen L Coates Jr (SteCoa8799)

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Stephen L Coates Jr (SteCoa8799) <Wednesday, December 08, 2010> CIS 212 Network Security Concepts Quiz#1 Activity 3-4 1. What does the term “hardening” mean? Harding refers to the tactics you use to modify the security procedures of a computer in order to reduce its vulnerability to attack. 2. Are there any drawbacks to hardening a computer? Yes hardening a computer can restrict the approved users access to necessary pieces of the job. 3. Which are known operating system vulnerabilities? A) Buffer overflows B) The TCP/IP protocol C) The windows Administrator account E) The Unix root account 4. When performing a security audit on a Unix or Linux system, which tool would be of the most use? A) Syslog 5.Which utility can you use to evaluate the security of your servers running the sun solaris operating system? C) Automated security Enhancement tool (ASET) 6. Match the following operating system update types with their description
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Service Pack – B) A larger compilation of system updates that can include functionality enhancements, new features, patches, updates, and hotfixes. Patch – A) A small unit supplemetal code meant to address either a security problem or a functionality flaw in a software package or operating system Hotfix – D) A small unit of code that is often used on an emergency basis to address a specific security flaw. Rollup – C) A collection of patches and hotfixes that are typically applied to a single component of the operating system. 7. You would like to monitor your windows server 2008 servers for failed logon attempts in
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Quiz#1 - Stephen L Coates Jr (SteCoa8799)

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