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Cis106 homework#A - used 5 Explain what the disk...

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Cis106 – Homework Stephen Coates Jr Monday, July 12, 2010 1) How do you access the Device Manager? a) Start menu > Control Panel > Administrative tools 2) Explain what Task Manager is used for. a) The task manager can be used to see actively running programs, end running or non-responsive programs, and see what users are currently logged into the current computer. 3) Explain what the System Restore utility is used for. a) System Restores are used to bring the system back to a previous period of time before you had changed the settings or installed new programs. 4) Explain what the Disk Cleanup utility does and why you would want to run. a) Disk cleanup utility both empties recycle bins, deletes old cookies, re- arranges frequently used programs and gets rid of unused or non- essential windows files. b) Running the cleanup program allows you to free up space on the computer by basicly getting rid of the trash or refuse that isn’t needed or being
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Unformatted text preview: used. 5) Explain what the disk Defragmenter tool does and why you would want to run it. a) Disk defragmenter tool re-arranges current bytes to be grouped together so to allow them to run faster as a program. b) In regular terms its like re-arranging a storage unit to better catergorize like items and frequently used items to the front and better pack them so as to allow for better space management 6) On a PC running windows XP, before you installed new software you might run all of the utilites. Why a) Disk Cleanup – clean up the recycle bin. To free up the most amount of HDD space availiable b) System Restore – set a previous state so that if the program that is going to be installed is bad you have something to go back to rather then having to start all over again. c) Backup – copying files and important documents over to a secondary location in the event that the system restore goes down....
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Cis106 homework#A - used 5 Explain what the disk...

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