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Homework #1 Stephen Coates Jr

Homework #1 Stephen Coates Jr - C is106 Homework#1 1...

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Cis106 – Homework #1 1) Explain the difference between operating system software, application software, and utility software. a) Operating software is the basis for all software. its needed so that the machine can communicate between i) Windows, Linux, Unix, Snow Leopard (Mac OSX) b) Application software is programs written to do specific functions i) Office suite, and Games c) Utility software are programs used to maintain and protect the application and OS software i) Norton, Kaspersky Antivirus, Disk Defragment 2) For the Following software programs, determine whether they are examples of a) Norton Antivirus – Utility Software b) Microsoft Windows XP – Operating Software c) Microsoft Word – Application software d) An email program – Application software e) A hard drive backup program – Utility software f) An internet Browser – Application software g) Real player – Application software 3) Explain the concept of Virtual memory and why it is needed a)
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