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Lab and Research Instructions V2

Lab and Research Instructions V2 - IST 210 EET 250 Weekly...

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IST 210 / EET 250 Weekly Research Paper Instructions As part of your grade for this course, you will be required to do four (4) research reports and presentations. These will be based on an article with a topic that is consistent with the course objectives OR your chosen degree program. The articles may be obtained from a magazine, trade journal, newspaper, or Internet web site. There are two parts involved: A written summary and an oral presentation to the class. These reports will generally be due at the beginning of days 3, 5, 7, and 9. Written Summary Each student will submit a hardcopy report to the instructor. The content of this report shall include the following: Student name Course ID Submission date (the date you submitted the summary) Article author’s name Article source Article title A brief summary of the article’s main points of interest to include what they learned from reading the article. The summary must be in the student’s own words – NOT a cut & paste of the article or parts of the article. The length of the summary should be between 50 and 100 words.
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