Research Paper#6 - shoot aspect of every other console Which bring you to the “MAG” controller looking like its straight from Gears of War

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Stephen L Coates Jr (Stecoa8799) IST 210 – Research paper#3 07:03:35 Paul Miller G-Mate Mag Gun controller for Xbox and PS3 gets FCC approval Anybody remember the good old days of some animated dog laughing at you because the great old system of Nintendo’s Duck hunt came about with its great looking pistol and world class graphics. Well fast forward another 4 or so years and you get the “Super Scope” for The Super Nintendo, with what felt like soo many games the days would never end. And then there was nothing, its like the whole point and
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Unformatted text preview: shoot aspect of every other console. Which bring you to the “MAG” controller, looking like its straight from Gears of War. Bringing you the the fun of time crisis mixed with your favorite FPS gam e.(Miller, 2010) Article I. Bibliography Miller, P. (2010, 08 27). G-Mate Mag Gun Controller for XSbox and PS3 gets FCC approval: we'd like to see them try and stop it . Retrieved 09 18, 2010, from Engadget: g-mate-mag-gun-controller-for-xbox-and-ps3-gets-fcc-approval-we/...
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