In class Assignment on Protocols

In class Assignment on Protocols - software, or music CD,...

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Stephen L Coates Jr (STECOA8799) Tuesday, September 28, 2010 CIS 151 Networking II – Choose one protocol out of those and discussed today FTP – File Transfer protocol FOR THE PEOPLE – most people use FTP programs to share files between other users of  that program. Such famous programs in this category are Napster, Limewire, C++, Bearshare,  Torrents and many many others. These programs allow users to connect to the FTP ports on a  computer somewhere else and share the same file over the internet. With more and more  sophisticated programs allow one user to connect to multiple users for faster downloads of said  file and to allow for long term sharing of a particular file. With this thought this has led to  many people “illegally downloading” music and movies because they didn’t purchase the 
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Unformatted text preview: software, or music CD, or track from a traditional store. This has lead to many arguments that the file originally started from somebody who had to purchase the CD. And that internet file sharing is no different than say you borrow a CD from a friend and make a copy of it or to say you paid for cable service and recorded a movie from TV. On the other hand this also seems to be a governmental way to impose limitations on people’s freedom by a way to tax more and more things to make revenue for the government. By imposing that merchants on the internet have to pay a for their locale and that digital sales have to have a way to be tracked with receipts and some kind of tracking numbers to have proof of sale....
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In class Assignment on Protocols - software, or music CD,...

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