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Pre-Post_Test2 - to a host a It is a...

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CIS151 Pre-Test Multiple Response 1. A subnet __________ is a set of four numbers used to split a local network into subdivisions. a. Montage b. Mask c. Router d. Gateway 2. What is a straight cable used for? 3. What is the maximum length allowed in making a CAT5 cable? 4. Which one of the following host addresses might indicate that the DHCP Server is not functioning? 5. What network is the address with a mask of on? a. b. c. d.
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6. What would be a reason why you might not want to give the address
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Unformatted text preview: to a host? a. It is a private address b. It is a public address c. It is a broadcast address d. It is reserved for routers 7. Two of the most common problems on networks that do not use ____ or automatic private addressing are that the IP address or subnet mask are inappropriately configured. a. SNMP b. IPSec c. PPTP d. DHCP 8. Which one of the following might be used to discover the MAC address of the gateway? a. Arp a b. Netstat e c. Ping a d. Tracert d 9. What decimal number represents the hexadecimal number 20? a. 16 b. 32 c. 3A d. A4 10. What binary number represents the decimal number 201? a. 11111110 b. 11110111 c. 11011011 d. 11001001...
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