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Stephen L Coates Jr (SteCoa8799) Tuesday, September 28, 2010 CIS 151 Networking II Research project The federal government’s Department of Transportation was attacked by a Botnet virus that had infected about 50,000 computers that begin attempting to login and just generally slow down and suck up all the bandwidth of a particular federal government site. Security experts believe this to be a start on things because it was such a non-essential website that basically leads to nowhere yet it was such a large attack that it leads them to believe that it was practice for something else. Botnet viruses are implemented by a code writer that sends out a worm
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Unformatted text preview: to as many computers to be synced together at a certain time to do a specific set of instructions. Which can range from just about anything to doing absolutely nothing at all? But in this particular case it managed to reach about 50,000 computers that were all set to access the DOT website at the same time and attempt to login. While not really a devastating attack it’s more along the lines of just annoying because it denies access to the site for people who are legitimately trying to access the site for purposes of good will....
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