Week_1_Course_Outline - Hands-on practice Converting...

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Tuesday Teaching Connecting Through a Wireless Network · Short history of Wireless Networks · Advantages of wireless Networks · Wireless Networking Technologies: Radio wave technologies Infrared technologies Terrestrial and Satellite Microwave technologies IP Addressing and Subnetting · IP Address Classes · Private Address Space · Default Subnet Masks · Converting between binary, octal decimal and hexadecimal
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Unformatted text preview: Hands-on practice Converting between decimal, hexadecimal and binary practice Thursday Teaching IP Addressing and Subnetting (continued) · Identifying IP address Class · Identifying Network and Host portion of an Address · And-ing with default subnet masks · And-ing with custom subnet masks Hands-on practice IP and subnetting practice...
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Week_1_Course_Outline - Hands-on practice Converting...

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