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Charla Alexanderlastpaper

Charla Alexanderlastpaper - Charla Alexander April 8 2002...

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Charla Alexander April 8, 2002 English 1302 Sec.33 Mark Noe Mother Knows Best Throughout the ages younger generations have looked to past generations for advice or answers to sought out questions in life. Without our elders to pass on their knowledge of life and technology our world may not be as advanced as it is now. Although it is a fact that our generation does use advice from our elders it is not always welcomed and can bring about strange an unwanted results. This brings me to tell a story about something that happened to me that opened my eyes and showed me how important it is to listen to the advice of my predecessors. One morning my mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and talking about our plans for the day when she noticed my nails. My nails were in horrible condition because I had failed to take care of them for about two weeks. My mother said,” Charla your nails look ridiculous, you need to go and get them done before you cut yourself with that hangnail!” My brother took a look at my nails and began to laugh hysterically and so did my mother. I have never been one to take ridicule very well so I took it offensively. I then with a nasty tone told my mother that I was grown and that I would do something about my nails when I got good and ready to. My mother replied,” Being disobedient and disrespectful will only bring about bad things.” I rolled my eyes and I’m sure I mumbled something horrible under my breath went in my room and shut the door. I thought to myself it’s just a nail why should
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she be concerned it’s not her hand. A few days passed and I still hadn’t taken care of my nail. That night as I was lying in my bed I rubbed my hand across my face because my hair was on it. To my surprise upon gliding my hand across my face I split my lip in two.
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