Lecture Notes (1-29-09)

Lecture Notes (1-29-09) - LECTURE January 29, 2009: ARE YOU...

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LECTURE January 29, 2009: ARE YOU IN OUR OUT? Some things are NOT groups which seem to be: o Aggregates : a group of people just thrown all together (i.e. people at a movie theatre) o Categories : (i.e. people that wear glasses) Groups : People see themselves belonging to the group and they interact with one another o Primary groups : small groups of friends, etc. People have a need for primary groups Generates feelings of self-esteem, sense of belonging, acceptance, and sometimes love o Secondary groups : don’t meet our needs for intimate relationships and association (i.e. Trojan family) Voluntary associations : choose to be part of (i.e. volunteer groups, boy scouts) Iron law of oligarchy : “Inner circle” tends to develop in organizations In groups vs. Out groups – “Us” versus “Them” mentality o In groups : produces sense of loyalty, produces rivalries! Out group is homogeneous, themselves as unique/individualistic Rivalries Reference groups – suppose someone came in today and offered you a job – which would pay double what you’d hope to make after graduating USC. You have 3 days to decide. You have to drop out of college to take
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Lecture Notes (1-29-09) - LECTURE January 29, 2009: ARE YOU...

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