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Intro to Sociology: Globalization, Part 1 What is it? The increased integration of products and markets across countries via trade, immigration, and capital flows. The global expansion of the market form of economy. Three Main Issues: The US economy has become increasingly globalized since 1980s Economic inequality has grown—the rich are getting richer/poor getting poorer United States is one of the most unequal countries in the world, in terms of economic inequality. Technological Change Entire categories of jobs—particularly unskilled labor—are eliminated. Not able
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Unformatted text preview: to be replaced. • Less opportunity particularly for unskilled male labor. • Many jobs going to China—workers there earn 60 cents per hour. Women Hit Harder • Women suffer disproportionately as they are more likely to be employed in and displaced from import-competing industries. • Married women are especially disadvantaged as they are 7% less likely than married men to be re-employed. • *(Missed Point)* Women are tied to kids and family; can’t relocalize as much as men--Wal-Mart Documentary—...
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