Lecture Notes (2-17-09)

Lecture Notes (2-17-09) - SOCI 200 Introduction to...

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SOCI 200: Introduction to Sociology 2-17-08 Gender; Gender and Health Gender and Physical Health Drug testing The FDA (Food and Drug Administration)-- 1937—responding to a tragedy 1938—Established a guideline for drug testing. All done on MEN Didn’t change til 1993 Gender and Health Drug Testing—(clinical trials) 1992 study found: Less than half of publicly available prescription drugs had been analyzed for sex- related response differences. Gender and Health Problem: Dosage— Women were (and still are) typically prescribed dosages devised for men’s average weights and metabolisms. Ex: Acetaminophen, found in many pain relievers, is eliminated by the female body at approx. 60% the rate of men Problem: Gender and Health Over 70% of antidepressant medications are prescribed to woman—Yet, most of the studies on depression have been conducted only on men Drugs such as Valium, were never tested with female subjects
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Gender and Health Why no clinical trials? Men are cheaper and easier to study Menstruation seen as a complicating factor Fear of harming fetuses Gender and Health Men’s and Women’s Health Differences in cholesterol “Lower cholesterol”—the universal prescription Men over 200—higher rate of heart disease Now: women with cholesterol levels higher than 295 had heart attack rates that
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Lecture Notes (2-17-09) - SOCI 200 Introduction to...

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