Lecture Notes (2-19-09)

Lecture Notes (2-19-09) - SOCI 200: Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: SOCI 200: Introduction to Sociology 2-19-08 Exam: 50 multiple-choice questions on Thursday Where Weve Been Going: Last time: Gender inequality Looked at gender and health Before thatglobalization New story on CNNdrug trials being outsourced overseas!! Today: Sexual orientation History Sexualityand sexual identity The science of sexuality emerged in the late 1800s/early 1900s (Foucault) History of Sexuality Foucaulttalks about emergence of discourse: body of knowledge linked to practice... Law Medicine Psychoanalysis Discourses of Sexuality From the 1800s to the present day Formed to categorize, separate gay/lesbian sex as deviant from heterosexual sex. Ancient Greeks Same sex sexwas a normal part of the adult male life Ancient Greek dayscommon for men and boys to have sexual relations together. Gyms/nude sports and wrestling. Athletes in the early Olympics competed nude. Homosexualityand the love/admiration for boys and the male form was celebrated in Ancient Greek culture. Examples: pottery, etc. (muscular, athletic, nude figures) Sexuality did not impact sexual identity Sexual relations between men and teen boys seen as natural. (Social construction of deviancy/normalcy) Did not impact ones sexual identity. English law made homosexual sex a crime The practice of buggery (sodomy or anal sex) was made a capital crime (punishable by the death penalty) under Henry VIII via the Buggery Act of 1534 in other words, punishable by hanging Remained so until 1861 when the sentence was reduced to 10 years to life imprisonment Courts defined it as anal sex and beastiality Sodomy expanded to non-procreative sexcan include other acts like oral sex 1967- Massachussetts...
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Lecture Notes (2-19-09) - SOCI 200: Introduction to...

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