Lecture Notes (3-24-09)

Lecture Notes (3-24-09) - predictability and calculability...

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3/24/08 Pink Collar and Blue Collar: Gender at Work - Work o Work – the tasks whose objectives are the production of goods and services o Economic system – institutions that provide goods and services - Types of Work o Work consumes more than any other single activity in most peoples lives o Work is basis of economy o Work exchanged for pay is occupation or job o Unpaid work is part of informal economy - Work o Provides us with a social identity – o Gives purpose and meaning to our everyday lives o People want to be recognized for their work – they want positive outcomes o When people feel unappreciated and are not paid their work – a feeling of alienation occurs o Can exist in high and low paying jobs o Bottom line: people want to feel valued - Unsatisfied Workers o Can lead to riots and murder o Peaceful – strike - McDonaldization/Rationalization o Weber – as a society becomes more complex, it becomes increasingly rationalized/bureaucratized o Ritzer concurs – “”McDonaldization” – increase efficiency, control,
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Unformatted text preview: predictability, and calculability o Increase in automation – machines replace humans/workers increasingly alienated – from their job and from one another-Men, Women, and Work o “public/private split” o Impact of industrialization on labor o WWII – as ushering in era of change-Women’s Labor Force Participation o # of working women has grown o By now 99 out of 100 women will work for pay at some point of their lives-Women and Pay Inequality o Average woman earns 73 cents for every dollar a man earns -Glass Ceiling v. Glass Elevator o Of the top earned in the Fortune 500 - only 3% are women-Men in Pink Collar Jobs o Men make up 6% of nurses, 32% of social workers, 15% of elementary school teachers, and 17% of librarians-“The Glass Escalator” o Instead of being paid less for men in pink collar jobs, they are paid more and put on a fast track to the top...
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Lecture Notes (3-24-09) - predictability and calculability...

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